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What Is a Ready Made Website Reseller?

Remote – Full/time Position

As a business that has been selling ready made websites for many years, we encounter this question quite often. Simply put, this is the reselling of our ready made complete websites to people who are looking for high quality websites that are affordable and can be delivered within 24 to 48 hours.

By creating a way for Filipinos to earn money passively, we effectively eliminate problems brought about by financial stress and overworking.  


Job Description

Using our library of ads, you can advertise and promote our service on various online platforms, in person, on your grab ride (you could be a driver who can advertise this to passengers or a rider who advertises this to drivers) via email, sms or anywhere you can reach prospective buyers. Once your prospective customers visit our site we do the rest. Our website has tracking software which will identify the reseller who referred the customer. If the customer buys, our system automatically notifies you via email and your payment is sent directly to your account. You can then withdraw the money every Friday through your preselected options. Logging into your Mr. Website Maker account will show you  an array of information ranging from how many people have clicked your links and how much you have earned. 

One of the best features of our platform is the memory module, also known as the cookie. It remembers the visitors for up to 30 days. This means if your referral visits our website today, but is not yet decided, he or she will still be remembered by the system up until 30 days. 

 Suppose you post you promote the site each day to people you meet in person, via email, on websites and social media, the links are available for anyone to click and this increases your chances of getting conversions. 

That is a definition of making money while you sleep!



  • Promoting the website using our ads and your referral links. If you don’t use your referral links, our system won’t be able to identify your referrals

  • Logging in once a day to check for updates to your account.

  • To remain active on this platform, your account has to generate 1 sucessful sale during the first 30 days.


  • Must be familiar with reselling or promoting our website to in person or via websites and email.
  • Must be able to promote the website on social media without spamming people.
  • Must be able to place ads on classifieds websites with your affiliate link
  • Must be able to promote our website on sites like Quora, linkedin, Twitter, Tumblr or any other social media platforms.

Perks of the Job

Competitive Commission

We pay P1500 per conversion. This equates to P7500 per week if you convert a minimum of one sale a day!

Mental and Physical Health

This is a sure way to earn passive income, so this lessens any financial stress you might have and ultimaltely improves your health

Generous bonus System

To get you started, your very first conversion earns you an additional P500 bonus!

365 Vacation days

You only need to ensure your links are driving traffic to our website. With that in place, you can go on vacation anytime. 

Monthly Programs

If you are able to convert 3 websites a week, your commission rate is bumped up to the silver level.

Weekly Payouts

Payouts are made weekly via PayPal, direct bank deposit, Gcash and local money transfer agencies.


Interested? Sign up today and be one of our Philippines referral agents

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